Photo of Luc working on a illustration

I’m Luc Kickken. I live in The Netherlands, where I design (and write about it).

Ever since I was a kid, I always admired people who simply create or achieve beautiful things. Whether it’s musicians, artists, comedians, writers, or athletes. It always inspired me to be creative in some shape or form.

After getting my Master’s degree in Spatial planning, I decided to pursue my passion for design. I started out as a web designer with great interest in HTML and CSS. Now, over the years, I shifted to building digital products and – eventually – getting into design leadership. And I love every aspect of it. From building design teams and structuring design processes, to getting creative with the design team.

As a creative technologist, I love finding ways to bridge the gap between design and development. Also love to pick up a pencil every now and then and draw.